Mordonnow/Sea Waves (2021) is a new project celebrating in sound and image the life and music of legendary Cornish cultural force Brenda Wootton.

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Brenda Wootton grew up in West Cornwall in the 1930s, and with no formal musical training developed a later-life career as an international touring musician. An unlikely star, by the 1980s she would be recognised by fans on the streets of Paris, while back home she was simply:


‘…Brenda from Penzance, one of us, doing rather well overseas. Unknown to us she could regularly fill the most prestigious halls in capitals all over Europe, meet and perform with the major stars of the day, shake hands with presidents and royalty, and conquer all she met with her music and supercharged personality.’ (Mike Sagar-Fenton)


She took her love of Cornwall with her wherever she went, and was hailed as a champion of Cornish culture from as far afield as Australia and Canada.


'Mordonnow/Sea Waves', made possible with support from Arts Council England and FEAST, is a collaboration with Newlyn-based artist Florence Browne. The project will work with Brenda's family and fans to establish a new public archive documenting her life, along with a new audio-visual work and immersive gallery and digital exhibitions.